Maths puns are the first sine of madness of madness =)


Taking justice into your own hands, the motto which drives Maxima everyday into combat. Baptised in blood, Maxima cares only for two things. Justive and his instrument of justice, the feared two handed axe, Minima. Maxima's face is hidden under his helmet, his entire body is hidden beneath his armour. Justice has never been so deadly. 


Strength 18

Dexterity 10

Intelligence 11

Wisdom 8

Charisma 10

Constitution 10


Battle Axe 1d10 (2d8)

Full Plate Mail AC 3

THAC0 18

9 Hitpoints

Proficiency Edit

- Jumping

- Climbing

- Cooking


Chaotic Lawful. Loves derivatives =D 

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