Did you mean Point of Inflexion?

Background InformationEdit

The frozen kingdom of North Tarlehk holds many undiscovered feats of nature. In the cavernous pits of Huruc Mountain, the stalagmites of limestone pierce the thick, purple smog in an attempt to connect with the roof. The smog masks the magnificent and the hideous from sight; the creatures only sneaking their heads out for prey. Some species, the strongest, move out of the Huruc underground and live in the wild entanglement of the forest. As the layers of frost refreeze on the long tips of fern leaves, the sets into the mountain. A chilly wisps wanders into the forest which carves a deep impression into the skin of travelers. The chill naturally invokes those that do not belong in the Huruc with a sense of fear. But as the moon rises as the vanishes behind the mountain like a magician stowing away his cards, a tall broad silhouette appears at the base of the mountain, on the precipice of the mysterious forest.

Fine his weaponry and and armor and nature are inspired by wolves ._.


Bladed Armguard (1d4, 1d6)

Padded Armor (AC8)

Some StatsEdit


HP 10

14 str

12 dex 

11 intel

14 wisdom

8 charisma

12 consti


Chaotic Neutral

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